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December 25

We would like to wish everyone a wonderful and Happy Holiday! The Catalina Yue Foundation would like to take this time to bring awareness to some Concerning Global Issues.

March 17

Catalina has two new singles coming out along with some surprises in store! Keep checking back!

September 15

The TIFF Caribbean Tales premiere of Out of Time is showing at the Harbourfront Center. Catalina plays the assassin Angie who saves the hero of story but is she really a friend or foe? Find out when the spin off series comes out.

Oct 12

Catalina Yue "Driven" Music Video Premiere

Catalina's brand new music video is airing this Friday at 11:30am, 6:30pm, Saturday 6:30pm and onwards on various music channels including the i channel, BPM TV, Channel 36 and more!

Sept 18

"Driven" Music Video Premiere Count down = 10 days

June 28

"Driven" Now Available on iTunes!

Catalina's brand new single is officially now available on iTunes! Click here to download "Driven" now!

Catalina Yue Driven

March 9

Catalina Yue's Ambition Music Video feat. GILFOIL and Tony Brass has now been released and can be seen on local music video channels.

October 5

The Catalina Yue Tube Channel has now been launched.

July 8

Please help to save Sakineh! Read about her case here.We need to take action to help save her and others in the same position: Stop stoning now!

March 10

Have you seen the new McDonald's ad? Catalina is the featured principal in the new McDonald's commercial.

McDonald's Commercial

January 19

Please help support emergency relief efforts for the earthquake in Haiti through multiple charity organizations here!

September 8

New Photos from Catalina's first music video are now posted on the Photos page. Get a sneak peek and the behind the scenes look at the Ambition Music Video.

June 12

Catalina is appearing on OMNI Television tonight - Get a sneak peek and the behind the scenes look at the Ambition Music Video.

Omni NewsCatalina is also featured on this month's issue of STYLE CANADA Magazine, Check out her interview in the Talent Spotlight section.

Also find Catalina on the cover of Planet Exclusive Magazine this month.

April 7

Catalina is featured in Famous Magazine and Toronto Exclusive Magazine this month.

She is also appearing on Fairchild Television - What's On, Sun Apr 19th opposite Elva Ni.Fairchild

March 1

Catalina Yue Eternally Album in Stores April 7, 2009. Available at HMV stores across Canada, F.Y.E Stores in the US, Amazon, iTunes and Rhapsody online.

Catalina Yue HMVStoresCatalina Yue HMV

Jan 7

Catalina will be performing at STYLE CANADA's Fashion Runway Show on Sun, Jan. 25.

Oct 1

Catalina Yue is on the front cover of SNAP Magazine this month. Pick up your copy available in various locations all over downtown Toronto.

July 17

Catalina Yue is on Fairchild Television tonight. Be sure to watch her interview on her singles release.

June 28

Catalina Yue is on the cover of Sing Tao Newpapers today. SingTao

June 18

The single "Ambition" has just been chosen to air on ClearChannel's Online Music and Radio!! Help the single climb to the top of the charts on New York's #1 Radio station Z100 by clicking here!

June 15

Catalina Yue is featured on a billboard On Queen street downtown across from Much Music during this year's MMVAs. Catalina Yue Billboard

June 12

The Catalina Yue store is now open! Pre-order the CD today! Please note: Shipping for the CDs will commence at the earliest this December.

June 10

The Catalina Yue Foundation is now open, with every CD you buy, $1 will go towards a charity.

June 6

Another new single - Eternally! Catalina's new single, Eternally, can be downloaded on iTunes, MSN, Rhapsody, Napster, PureTracks, MTV, Music Match, and many others!

June 4

Catalina has partnered up with UNHCR to help make a difference, Read more about it here.

June 1

The New Single - Loving You! Catalina's new single, Loving You, can be downloaded on iTunes, MSN, Rhapsody, Napster, PureTracks, MTV, Music Match and many others!

May 28

Catalina's new single Ambitions (feat. SoulJazz CRiG) will be posted soon on iTunes, MSN, Rhapsody, Napster, PureTracks, MTV, Music Match and many others!

May 16

Please help the victims of the devastating earthquake in China, please send your donations to the Red Cross today!

April 7

Catalina's first album, "Eternally" will be the artist's first full-length solo. Keep checking back for new music clips and the release of Catalina's first music video.

October 18

Catalina Yue's MySpace Page is now open, check it out here!

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